Evolution Of Media Monitoring

The most satisfying definition of media monitoring Media monitoring is the act of sticking a finger into the wind, not only to probe the current, but also to control it. It is the act of scanning everything, from high end press reports to gossip, to identify and analyze relevant mentions. How, Why, And When Did […]

ChatGPT: Is the content industry on the verge of a radical change?

The introduction of ChatGPT (Chat Generative Pre-Trained Transformer, developed by OpenAI and launched in November 2022), a number of ethical concerns have been raised, especially pertaining to students using the service to do their homework. However, the real question we try to answer in this post is different: What fate awaits the content and marketing […]

How competitor analysis reports can affect your business plan?

Knowing your audience is a critical step when it comes to business decision-making, but is it really enough in 2022? It is not. The business world is becoming more crowded and competitive every single day, which makes it more challenging to keep up, so as you study your audience you should also study your competitors. […]

Social Media Coverage Reports:
Standards for Calculating Dollar Value of Instagram Stories

With the rise of social media influencer (SMI) marketing, and the need to calculate accurate dollar value of social media coverage, it is paramount that the social media monitoring industry agree on standards for post value. While value of posts across several platforms can oftentimes be straight forward, Instagram stories present more of a challenge. […]

PR Agencies could be Crippled with Big SM Feed!

PR Agencies could be Crippled with Big SM Feed! With the swift shift towards modern media and away from traditional media, it is almost impossible for businesses to refuse change; otherwise they are risking a Kodak Moment that might threaten their existence, both in digital and physical world. Social media (SM) is now set to, […]